Python core for Analytics

Write real python codes yourself


The course is focused on building key technical software coding skills using Python. Python is a widely used programming language for decision sciences. In this program we will write, test, deploy & debug Python programs.

TECHNOLOGY USED: Python General Purpose, Anaconda Jupyter Notebooks

What Will I Learn?

  • Get familiar with writing extensive software codes using Python
  • Get a jump start on Python for decision sciences
  • Understand Python fundamentals from basics
  • Learn to write simple to advanced Python programs
  • Get prepared for what's coming next

Topics for this course

35 Lessons20h

Python installation and environment management

Choosing windows environment and setting environment paths
Installing and configuring Python for windows
Version checking and configuring dependencies
Collecting and Installing Python packages
Configuring working directories and user settings
Checking Python versions and testing your first program

Understand Number Systems and Random Numbers

Data and Expressions in Python

Data Structures in Python

Control Structures

Functions in Python

Computational Problem Solving

Python core summary

About the instructors

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Course Details


  • Familiarity with Computer Keyboard

Target Audience

  • All working professionals
  • Existing software coders and developers
  • Students & Professionals looking for a competitive edge in data science and Machine Learning