Statistics for Data Science using IBM SPSS

Implement Statistical Models using software codes


Statistics is an integral part of any data science learning curve. Number crunching and data mining tasks are very well performed using statistical methods and techniques covered in this program. It is well suited for data descriptives, inferential analysis or predictive modelling. Statistics is required and used everywhere from fundamentals to advanced Machine Learning models.


What Will I Learn?

  • This course will enhance your understanding towards Machine Learning
  • Will give you a sense of numbers and how to manipulate or transform them
  • Will help you deal with data sets and understand statistical differences in them
  • Will measure a dataset and examine its reliability for further statistical usage
  • Will test hypothesis, alternate hypothesis, inferences and conclusions

Topics for this course

33 Lessons10h

An Introduction to Statistics

Why should you learn this course and who uses statistics
A little history of statistics
Grouping and displaying data
Arranging data
Raw data
Constructing a frequency distribution

Central Tendency


Probability Distributions

What is data sampling?

Chi-square and ANOVA()

Correlation and Regression

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Course Details


  • Elementary Mathematics

Target Audience

  • All working professionals
  • Managers, Team-Leads, Business Analysts, Business Executives
  • All those who want a competitive edge in data science and Machine Learning