Pedagogy Trainings Certified Data Scientist (PTCDS) using python – Self Paced

Start writing machine learning programs using python in less than 2 weeks. Take up this course and learn how to write simple codes in python to create machine learning models/engines to up-sell or cross-sell business products.


Machine Learning using Python programming

This course facilitates a 16 hours self-paced interactive course. It shows how to write simple codes in python programming language for data science to build predictive and practical machine learning applications. The course demonstrates a step-by-step method to read data in python, explore & gather information about/from the data, analyze for patterns and trends, train and test linear and non-linear data models using simple machine learning approaches.  This course is fully supported with on-the-go video lectures, quizzes and project activity.

Why join the Pedagogy trainings Self-Paced Education Machine Learning Course


Aim of this program:

The course is aimed for beginners by presenting simple, useful and interesting examples on machine learning. You will learn how to apply and use  data engineering & machine learning techniques to solve 16 varied types of problem statements. In addition, the quiz section will help gauge your understanding towards these concepts.

This program is designed by our dedicated and industry experienced professionals who qualify in every aspect to support and maintain the learning resources presented to you.

Refer the below section of this page to know more about the program structure and course content.



    • Please refer the checklist on the requirements to successfully learn this program
    • A computer i.e. a laptop/desktop with strong internet connections. Setup and installation instructions are provided
    • You should be a data enthusiast willing to learn this powerful yet easy to use programming language
    • You should also be a programming enthusiast willing to learn this valuable life-time skills and aim to pursue your career as a data scientist
  • A dedicated amount of time and practice to fully utilize this training program

Your Learning Path:

  1. Enroll into the program
  2. Follow the content steep by step
  3. Attend and remark every quiz for relevant section
  4. Mark lesson completion flag
  5. Attend quiz and exercise



TECHNOLOGY USED: Python core, Python for statistics and Python for Machine Learning

Our Sample Video lectures:


What Will I Learn?

  • Good understanding of the python language syntax.
  • Learn mandatory python skills required for ML.
  • Create and build your own python program.
  • Python for data engineering using pandas.
  • Python libraries for statistics.
  • Python libraries for machine learning.
  • Implement your first machine learning model in python.
  • Python version management and environment handling.

Topics for this course

27 Lessons16h

Part One: Introduction – How to Think like a Computer Scientist?

General Introduction: The way of the program
What are Computer Algorithms
The Python Programming Language
A Typical First Program

Part Two: Python Core Programming

Part Three: Pandas for Data Analysis & Data Manipulation?

This is the summary

Part Four: Numpy The fundamental package for scientific computing with Python?

This is the topic summary

Part Five: Statistics using Python

Part Six: Predictions using Machine Learning

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Course Details


  • There are no pre-requisites to this course

Target Audience

  • An ML Enthusiast
  • IT Project Managers
  • Students
  • Professionals