Business Analytics using Tableau Desktop Basic

Powerful data-mashup, slice and dice tool to create pixel-perfect dashboards and reports.


In this course, focus is to build a reasoning to data to frame logical expressions. Look at a raw data and find ways to create,accumulate, summarize, group-by, data-operations,charts, tables, reports and dashboards. Data simulations or sensitivity analysis in Tableau to perform What-if analysis. Goal based reasonings. Data slice and dice, data pivots, filters and parametric analysis.
The data considered during the training is from Finance, Manufacturing and Retail business processes.

TECHNOLOGY USED: Tableau Desktop

What Will I Learn?

  • Quickly improve your Tableau performance and skills through classroom learning & live-online training.
  • Also covers about how to visually analyze data by creating graphical presentations of your business facts from a given data set.
  • It helps in finding trends over time.

Topics for this course

37 Lessons30h

Getting Started

Basics of data connections
Advanced features to connect to a database
Managing metadata and data sources
Different join types in a relational data
Normalization Activity Set 1 using Tableau
Activity on custom SQL query using an RDBMS
Activity on Data Source, Data Extract and Workbooks
Activity on TDE (Tableau Data Extraction), TDS (Tableau Data Source)

Visual Analysis-Data Interpretation

Format Worksheets in Tableau



SETS, BIN, Advanced table calculations

Data Blending

Other Hand-outs, Notes, Diagnostic Test

Assessment Test end of Module?

Small evaluation and assessment for each participant at the end of the training to evaluate the functional and technical skills gained by an individual. A certificate of skill reward is also given.

About the instructors

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Course Details

  • Level: Beginner
  • Categories: Business Analytics
  • Total Hour: 30h
  • Total Lessons: 37
  • Total Enrolled: 0
  • Last Update: July 22, 2020


  • Familiarity to MS-excel will be an advantage.

Target Audience

  • This course is a foundation to all who aspire career into Business Intelligence (BI) and Business analytics.
  • Professionals wearing cap of Business Analyst, BI developer, Solution Architects, Managers & Project Managers, Executives can gain an extra mileage out of this course into their respective fields.
  • This program shall aware you of Tableau's full potential into building indigenous as well as integrated business solutions.