Business Analytics using Tableau Desktop Basic – Self Paced

Powerful data-mashup, slice and dice tool to create pixel-perfect dashboards and reports.


In this course, focus is to build a reasoning to data to frame logical expressions. Look at raw data and find ways to create, accumulate, summarize, group-by, data-operations, charts, tables, reports and dashboards. Data simulations or sensitivity analysis in Tableau to perform What-if analysis. Goal based reasonings. Data slice and dice, data pivots, filters and parametric analysis.
The data considered during the training is from Finance, Manufacturing and Retail business processes.

TECHNOLOGY USED: Tableau Desktop

What Will I Learn?

  • Quickly improve your Tableau performance and skills through classroom learning & live-online training.
  • Also covers about how to visually analyze data by creating graphical presentations of your business facts from a given data set.
  • It helps in finding trends over time.

Topics for this course

37 Lessons30h

Getting Started

Basics of data connections
Advanced features to connect to a database
Managing metadata and data sources
Different join types in a relational data
Normalization Activity Set 1 using Tableau
Activity on custom SQL query using an RDBMS
Activity on Data Source, Data Extract and Workbooks
Activity on TDE (Tableau Data Extraction), TDS (Tableau Data Source)

Visual Analysis-Data Interpretation

Format Worksheets in Tableau



SETS, BIN, Advanced table calculations

Data Blending

Other Hand-outs, Notes, Diagnostic Test

Assessment Test at the end of Module

About the instructors

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Course Details


  • Familiarity to MS-Excel will be an advantage.

Target Audience

  • This course is a foundation course for all those who aspire to enter the field of Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics.
  • Professionals wearing cap of Business Analyst, BI developer, Solution Architects, Managers & Project Managers, Executives can gain an extra mileage out of this course into their respective fields.
  • This program will make you aware of Tableau's full potential into building indigenous as well as integrated business solutions.