AI using Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Learn practical orientation to AI using Python AI libraries. Tensorflow and Keras are used to solve an AI use case. Course will demonstrate the real and practical implementation of AI for manufacturing & industrial use and application.


This course facilitates knowledge on Artificial Intelligence using computer machines. AI is a simulation to human intelligence in machines that are designed and programmed to think like a human. It is best suited for learning and problem solving.
Using AI, we can cater to solutions from a wide array of business problems in the most effective way. The human intervention is limited to reduce error or the time taken to complete a specific task.
This course will help you learn the aspects to AI, design methodology and its best practices.


TECHNOLOGY USED: Python core, Python for Data Analysis, TensorFlow, Keras

What Will I Learn?

  • Solve real practical challenges into manufacturing using TF and Keras

Topics for this course

43 Lessons40h

Python Core

Fundamentals of Python programming
Environment Configuration using Jupyter
Introduction to data structures in Python
Variables in Python
Conditional structures, logical if-else statements, while and for loops
Python Core project, creating simple programs by using the past topics that were covered. Assignment and Quiz to solve and discuss

Data Science (Pandas and Numpy) using Python

Artificial Intelligence using TensorFlow and Keras

TensorFlow to load and process data

Make your First Model in AI

Estimators in Keras

Convolution Neural Networks

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  • Level: Expert
  • Categories: Artificial Intelligence
  • Total Hour: 40h
  • Total Lessons: 43
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  • Last Update: April 15, 2021


  • Machine Learning
  • Qualitative and Quantitative data analysis

Target Audience

  • IT Professionals
  • Developers
  • Students