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Other frequently asked questions

Account Questions

Is it an online or a class room based training?

We deliver insightful class-room trainings and online trainings

Will I get a job after completing the program?

Simply training wont help, we will engage you on a project to boost your skills

What Salary will I be offered if I complete the program from your institute?

Past learners have drawn about a range of 3.5 lakhs INR CTC/per-annum upto 14 lakhs INR

Can you adjust the timing? as I work in a flexible shifts

Yes, an advanced planning will help us better.

My travel is difficult, can you arrange something nearby?

One can opt for online else we can look into alternatives

Your fees are high, I am looking for something within my budget

We believe in commitments. You are spending more to get more

Do you provide hands-on?

That is not a question at all with us.

I have a new job, and I am stuck with the tasks given to me by my company, would you help me resolve it?

Yes, we handle consulting too.

I have a new job, my boss wants me to learn X program, will it help in my current profile?

Yes, we handle consulting too.

Course Related

Will I be getting any program/course completion certificate?

Yes, you will certainly receive a program completion certificate.

I am from a non technical & non-mathematical background, will I be able to understand the concepts?

Will be an up-hill task but with time & practice you can make it sharper.

What is the difference between your data analytics offering and data science? How different they are in terms of contents and delivery?

Contents on both data analytics and data science are almost 90% similar except data science program include one end-to-end supervised machine learning project (in text mining) at the end of the training.

What job role I can expect post this training program?

Data scientist, Analytics expert.

Why your Data Integration programs are mentioned separately compared to others?

Yes, we believe that DI is very crucial part in-fact the most critical part while building Business Intelligence and Analytical systems, it is actually a data pipeline which is a back bone of BI & Analytics applications.

Will the contents of DI program be touched if I opt for some other BI program?

Yes, only the conceptual part will be covered. If you are looking for a full-fledged ETL knowledge in-depth then we recommend you to opt for this program.

Is the number of hours mentioned in the program guide sufficient to learn skills in DI?

Generally the time period given should be good enough to get yourself started. You will become sharper with time and practice.

Is the Data Science pipeline and Data Integration pipeline the same?

No. Data Science pipeline refers to entire end-to-end BI and Analytical applications deployment, whereas Data Integration focuses on bridging together diverse channels to consolidate the information or data.

What are the practical applications to what I have learnt in the program?

Plenty, the program will cover that plenty.

Is data analysis and data visualization two different things?

Data visualization is a much needed activity before it is analysed.

What if I learn specific technology say tableau and later it looses its steam in the market, what would I do?

Your data analysis training delivery is always generic here.