Data science techniques help facilitate and translate results into business solutions and communicate their findings in a way that has a positive affect on a business decision.

Training Methodology Steps

  • Modes

    Defined in two modes

  • Experiment Learning

    Comprehensive hands on program giving you the utmost confidence you need to be better competent.

  • Reinforcement

    Periodic evaluation and assessment will help you stay aligned and forward.

  • Technology Compliant

    Our Learning Management System will help you access resources you need in pursuit of your learnings.

Course Curriculum

Day 1 - 8hrs

- Intro to DataScience using R.
- Data Manipulation and Processing.
- Data Exploration.
- HANDS on Activity on Data scrapping using R programming.

Day 2 - 8hrs

- Correlation & Regression.
- GLM.
- Probability.
- Hypothesis testing.

Day 3 - 8hrs

- Simple & Multiple Linear Regression.
- Logistic Regression.

Day 4 - 8hrs

- Support Vector Machine.
- Decision Trees
- Random Forest

Day 5 - 8hrs

HAND’s on Project on Text Mining - using Bayes approach (Multinomial Document Model)

Technologies Used

Our Approach

Practical Coverage

Focus on foundation and fundamentals.

Work toward specific or predefined business problems.

Create data stories to conduct meaningful analysis.

Total hands-on for a better exposure and experience.

Delivery Methods


Learn the technology backed with comprehensive Learning Management System.


Access to more interactive sessions.

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