In decision sciences, data integration plays a significant role to integrate, consolidate, transform structured and unstructured data and deliver it to any system on a scalable BI & big data solutions.

Training Methodology Steps

  • Modes

    Defined in two modes

  • Experiment Learning

    Comprehensive hands on program giving you the utmost confidence you need to be better competent.

  • Reinforcement

    Periodic evaluation and assessment will help you stay aligned and forward.

  • Technology Compliant

    Our Learning Management System will help you access resources you need in pursuit of your learnings.

Course Curriculum

Week 1

- Differentiating Data forms/types of data & their structures.
- Logical & physical data design.
- Moving data in and out of the source/transaction systems(Extract & Store).
- Includes extraction from in-house systems,social media,third party.
- Data Modelling and work-flow management.
- Building data pipelines.


- Data Aggregation, Data sorting and filtering.
- Joining data with lookup’s.
- Combine multiple inputs.
- Incremental data loads.
- Change data capture.
- Combine Multiple Inputs with union ALL.
- Handling Bad Data and Removing Duplicates.
- Using CDC components.
- Dimension Load.
- Fact Table Load.


- Loading Data to a Destination.
- Changing Data Types.
- Creating and Replacing Columns with Derived ones.
- Rolling up Data with Aggregate Transform.
- Ordering Data with Sort Transform.
- Joining Data with lookup.
- Data Audit.

Technologies Used

Our Approach

Practical Coverage

Deal with diversed data sources to consolidate into data source keeping all business parameters in place.

Logical workflows meeting or seeing specific business problems.

Learn data workflow automation

Learn to deploy workflow jobs on the cloud.

Delivery Methods


Learn the technology backed with comprehensive Learning Management System.


Access to more interactive sessions.

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