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We are a Technology Institute providing skill based education to professionals by professionals. With an experience of over a decade, we offer training and technology services in Business Intelligence and Analytics.We practice in numerous domain functions including but not limited to Production/operations Management, Financial's, Supply Chain Management, Retail and e-Commerce by using Quantitative Methods, Management Science and Operations Research. 

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What We Do?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Text Mining - NLP

Deliver Insights from structured and unstructured text using our machine learning model.
Learn NLP to extract Information:

  • About Places, People and Events
  • Understand Product Sentiments across social media channels
  • Customer Intentions
  • Image Analysis

    Dynamic and Powerful image classification.
    (Derive Insights from several images)
    Learn to classify images using deep learning and convolutional neural networks

  • Classify images and derive its labels
  • Image recognition based on gender, facial expressions
  • Extract text from images
  • Speech to Text and Language Translation

    Dynamic and Powerful text language translations.
    (Derive Insights from several source language to one target language)
    Learn language translation to extract information:

  • Translate many languages
  • Know source language
  • Big-Data Processing using Apache Hadoop and Spark

    Big data is the term for a collection of datasets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools of traditional data processing applications

  • Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS)
  • RDD's(Resilient Distributed Dataset)- Parellize distribution for data processing
  • DataFrames/Datasets
  • Predictive Analytics- Machine Learning(Mllib)library to infer and predict
  • What we offer

    Data Managenent

    Real Time Data Processing

    Batch Data Processing

    Data Storage and Management

    Data Security

    Data Integration and Data Quality

    Data Warehousing & BI

    BI & Reporting

    Historical Reporting

    Multidimensional Data Aggregation

    Forecasts and Rolling Forecasts

    Key Performance Indicators

    Managements Dashboard

    Metadata Management

    Data Visualizations

    Metadata Management

    Logical Data Reasoning

    Data Interpretation

    Data Aggregation

    Data Sorting/Filtering

    Top Management's Dashboards

    Business Analytics

    Data and Statistical Methods

    Data Distributions and Central Tendency

    Data Sampling and Population

    Probability and Probability Statistics

    Correlation and Regression

    Statistical Methods to Infer and Predict


    Artificial Intelligence

    Automated Machine Learning & AI

    Deep Learning & Convolutional Neural Networks

    Fraud and Anomaly Detection

    Text Mining

    Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning

    Big Data

    Apache Hadoop Stack

    Distributed File Systems

    Cloud Computing

    Apache Spark 2.0

    Apache Kafka 2.0

    Apache HBASE 1.4

    Why Choose us

    Live Instructor Based Class room Training

    We deliver full-fledged class room & online training programs

    Cloud Based Learning Management System

    Get instant access to our e-Learning platform which will help you stay right on path.

    Job ​Oriented Learning

    Get the up-market skills and know what recruiters are wanting out of you.

    Industry Domain

    A well defined approach to learning path can have a significant impact on your learning experience. We showcase Industry use case to business problems and a practical approach to solve them. 


    - Conversion Rate - % of the Store Assortment - Shopping Cart Analysis


    - Inventory Turns - Sell-through % - Markup & Markdown price %


    - Cash Flow Analysis - Profitability Analysis - Trend Analysis


    - Capacity Utilization Rate - Perfect Order Fullfillment - Transit Time

    Our Credits

    Mr. Arshad Merchant (Microsoft Business Intelligence) MCA,Mumbai

    “Pedagogy trainings met my expectations, training was very very informative.”

    Mr. Abhishek Sinari (Microsoft Business Intelligence) B.E.(Electronics), Mumbai

    “DI training was very informative.”

    Mr. Deepesh Matkati (Data Integration using Pentaho) M.Sc (Computer Science), Mumbai

    “DI program was nicely crafted, simple and straight forward. I highly recommend it.”

    Mr. Aamir Siddiqui (R Programming) M.Sc. Statistics, Mumbai

    "Pure showcase of wisdom and knowledge. strongly recommended.”

    Ms. Madhavi Pikle (Analytics using Tableau) B.Sc. (Computer Science). Mumbai

    “I opted for tableau online training, the topics covered were in-depth.”

    Mr. Anurag Tiwari (Analytics using Tableau)M.S. (Web Science & Technology), Germany

    “Tableau delivery was worth attending, the curriculum was generic and practical.”

    Mr. Anish Nodar (Big Data Hadoop) MCA, Mumbai

    “Hadoop training was exhaustive. Always went out of the way to deliver what was needed.”

    Mr. Ravi Kiran (Alteryx & Tableau) MCA, Chennai

    “Extremely satisfied with the recruitment services offered”

    Mr. Jaisingh Surve (Data Integration using Pentaho) B.Com, Mumbai

    “Pentaho Data Integration delivery was up to mark. Helped align my skills in right direction.”

    Mr. Radesh Mudaliar (R Programming) Industrial Engineering, North America

    “Extremely helpful, highly recommended.“